Residence Hall Watch Party

Posted on: November 9th, 2016 by bromski

University of Mississippi student Libby Summer patiently waited outside the courtyard of Resident Hall 2 and 3 along with 40 other students hours away from when the president was announced.

“I’m super scared,” said Libby Summers of Madison, MS. “Super scared, like moving to another country if Hillary wins.”

Summer was attending the watch party with friend Lauren James who is also from Madison. Together, the two watched as the ballots came in showing that Trump and Hillary were neck in neck.

“It’s going to be really close,” said Lauren James. “I personally don’t want either one of them in office but if I had to choose I would much rather Donald Trump be in there than Hillary Clinton.”

As the ballots came in, students awaited the final results with anticipation. Overlooking the watch party was James Duncan, a security guard from the Campus Police Department

“I’m just here to make sure everyone here is safe,” said James Duncan. “I can’t really say who is going to win, but from what I can tell it’s going to be pretty close.”


Anna Martinez

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